Storm update

UPDATE (Dec. 19, 2012): The crew has been safely and successfully evacuated from Tern Island. They are on board the MV Kahana at this time and should be back in Honolulu later this week. If things work out with flight schedules, we should have them back home with their families and friends in time for the holidays. Chad, Abram, Larry, Morgan, and Mike not only survived a harrowing weather and facilities disaster, but also have been working from sunup to sundown (and probably beyond) out there over this last week to prepare for the evacuation and recover and stabilize facilities and equipment. We thank them for their conscientious and tireless efforts in service to the field station and Tern Island’s wildlife and wish them warm, dry, and safe quarters upon their return to civilization.

More details on the storm and the future of Tern to come. Please continue visiting this blog and the official refuge webpage for more information.


Hello everybody,

Please follow this link to an official press release that provides some information on the storm that hit Tern Island last week.

We check in several times a day with Chad and his crew to assess their condition and gather more information about the extent of damages. They have enough food, water, medical supplies, and power at this time to supply them until the Kahana arrives this coming week. It was a very severe storm that will have long-lasting impacts to the place, but nobody on the crew was injured and they are keeping themselves intensely busy out there cleaning up debris, recovering what equipment they can, and dealing with injured wildlife. They have been through a terrifying ordeal and our thoughts are with them.

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